MAR 13 2017Thanks to Chung my family moved into a new lovely home! This was our third successful mortgage application with Chung over a period of 4 years and we had the same quality of assistance. This last application we especially grateful to him because he pretty much did 40% of real estate agent’s job.Chung is a professional in the field of mortgage applications as well as all real estate transaction details, who will take care of your file from the first call till you possess the key.Alex&Thais,Cheers!

SEP 30 2016

I must admit that it is seldom that you have the pleasure and satisfaction of dealing with a good customer service.

The developer we were involved with, was unfortunately delayed in completing their commitment, but our Mortgage Broker Chung diligently maintained contact with us, re-mortgaging our application without complaint.

He even managed to shave some interest of the final mortgage. I have no reservation in recommending him to prospective home buyers

Thanks Chung, Van


SEP 22 2016

We did want to say…..  Thank you!  We were so happy with your service!  It’s hard to imagine we started the process with you over 2 years ago.  You answered so many of our questions and had answers for questions we didn’t even know to ask.  We could not imagine going through it all without you!   We will definitely use your services again in the future and I will happily recommend you to anyone in need.

Thanks Chung!


AUG 8 2016

Hello Dear Chung,
He really appreciated our business, you always was patient in answering all our questions.
You looked for us in many banks for trying to find the best deal.
Finally you did all follow up during the process even when you was out.
Thanks a lot.
Luis and Munique


JAN 12 2016

Hi Chung, I am so happy that Anna recommended me to see you. Basically I didn’t experience any problems, my job was so easy just to provide the information . Everything was done on time, you did inform me basically all of the steps. I am also working with the clients and I am trying to provide the best services for them in order to keep them and get the referral. Chung, you will be the first one to whom I refer people. I am not a sugar-bubble lady, I am honest.  Thank you again and will keep in touch. Mila.

JAN2 2016

Thanks for educating and helping me understand the financial process involved when purchasing a home. You made everything very easy to understand, you were very patient and always a quick call away if I needed anything. This was my first home purchase and I don’t know if it could have gone any smoother, had i gone another route. Keep up the good work! See ya in five!

DEC31 2015

Hello Chung and Happy New Year to you! We’re so sorry it’s taken us so long to respond to your message(s), we have been setting up our new place and making it our own, I am a DIY freak now, this place is already kicking so much ass on a number of levels and will continue to do so over the next year. I have been hard at work renovating the garage.

As for feedback on your performance as a mortgage agent, I/we probably couldn’t tell you anything at all that would be of any help to improve on what you do… in other words our experience with you was as smooth, friendly, professional and transparent as we could have possibly expected. You’re a great personality to be around, competent, and you don’t waste anybody’s time. Five stars, double thumbs up, you were perfect. Thanks so much for negotiating on our behalf and helping usher us into this new and exciting phase, we are beyond excited.

J & C

SEP 15 2015

Thank you for helping us with the mortgage application process and making our house purchasing a breeze!
I actually found Chung by fluke. I originally wanted to find a mortgage planner near my house but he was unavailable. I googled around and found Chung. He was quick with his phone calls and I was able to meet up with him at a convenient time and location. Chung was very thorough and asked us all the possible questions to prepare us for our huge investment: buying a home! He made sure we were ready and that this is the direction we wanted to go. Chung is straight forward and very honest; that is why we like him so much! Chung communicated with us regularly and made sure we were on track with everything. We appreciate your effort, Chung. Keep up the good work! Joyce & Peter


JUN 11, 2015

Chung has saved me real money on my mortgage and educated us about mortgages.  Both the breadth and depth of his mortgage knowledge is very impressive.  With this knowledge he was able to guide us through all the hurdles in the mortgage process from getting approved to closing the deal.  I think a true test of a mortgage professional is not only how he/she deals with situations when everything goes smooth but instead how they firefight and fix problems that arise.  For our specific situation, unfortunately during the pressurized small window of time that we had to secure our mortgage we faced unexpected issues which was nobody’s fault.  Chung was able to resolve problem in a timely fashion.  Everything worked out nicely at the end.
Chung has helped us become aware of the different risks and potential penalties of different types of mortgages.  This has helped me think ahead and try to avoid penalties before they happen.
With his wide access of bank and non-bank lenders rates and knowledge to advise on which lender to choose, I am confident that Chung will save us money again when we need to get another mortgage.  Chung is the best mortgage planner we have ever used.  We give him full marks – 5 stars out of 5.
Richard and Sharon

May 20, 2015

Chung has been helping us with our mortgage since 2010.  We recently just renewed our mortgage and we call Chung and let him handle the rest.  The transaction went smoothly.

We are very please with his work, he is very knowledgeable and easy to get a hold, just send him a quick text or email and except a reply back within the same day.

Chung has a heart of a teacher.  He will teach and advise you what best mortgage option is for you and your family.

When it comes to mortgage, Chung is our guy!!

Joel, Shey, Cloud & Veah.


MAY 7 2015

Nolan & Eric

Thanks again for all the help!
When my wife and I decided to buy a home, finding out where we stood financially was our first stop. A friend highly recommended Chung so I sent him an email. He responded that night (it was a Friday) and spoke with me at length the following day. He answered all of my questions clearly, confidently, and set us on our way house shopping! Buying a home can be a challenging and intimidating task. Chung was our ultimate advocate steering us through the challenges. His experience not only with finances, but the house buying process was invaluable and he guided us all the way to a perfect home. During the house buying process Chung was always available (even while vacationing) and was a complete professional; not to mention he found us a great rate! I cannot express enough how much easier the whole process was with Chung guiding the ship!

MAY 2ND, 2015

I have been referred to many mortgage planners but decided to give Chung a shot since he was spoken highly of.  For me, I am very picky when i work with people, i need to feel a positive vibe with this individual. Does this individual have good presentation, communication and education (teaching)  skills? So one day I connected with him, my wife and I met up with him at Starbucks and got some advice and insight on a purchase of a new home.

I have very limited knowledge on home ownership. Meeting Chung for the first time , he is very friendly. He seems like a old high school friend from long ago, very easy going easy to chat up. He offered to buy us some premium coffee before we get down to some serious business and talk about home ownership.  I have to say Chung is very knowledgeable and has very good education skills. He can explain things in a simplistic way, i can paint an image in my head. I can ask questions freely with him as i do not feel any pressure feeling ignorant since i don’t know much about home ownership, i feel comfortable. In the end, my experience with him in this meeting was a very positive one.
I asked my wife how she felt about Chung, she felt the same way. She asked if we need to consult with another mortgage planner, well i responded and i said Chung is the man for the job. I trust his judgement and professional experience. During the whole home buying experience we had delays/ obstacles and a lot of back and forth with Notary etc but Chung was with us all the way till the closing date. I never need to follow up with Chung with anything, he is always on the ball, always ahead of the game and always exceeded my expectation of service.
If you want someone who is friendly and possess solid professional experience, Chung is the guy. If he is your mortgage planner, he will take care of EVERYTHING  for you, you will have no worries at all!

January 2015

“In all honesty, the process worked for us!  We did have a lot of questions, and you didn’t brush any of them off.  Besides, we referred you to a friend who asks even more questions, because we knew you would be able to handle her like no one else 🙂  We knew that your patience with new clients would ease them into the process, and would make it comfortable for new homeowners to adapt to all the information.  So bottom line is, we will keep recommending you.  Thanks for everything.

Mark and Ilona

December 2014

” Let’s start with the feedback asked:I’d describe the experience that Luciana and I had with you as a very pleasant experience. You gave us a true lesson about Mortgage. When we went to your office we knew so little about it and you provided us with lots of information in a very professional and friendly way. Even though there were lots of info, you made sure that we understood all the details and this was very important and meant a lot to us, specially because we have English as a second language. You addressed all the concerns and questions we had during the process of buying our first condo rapidly and clearly. Moreover, even though we have already bought our place and you have probably already received your commission I’m pretty sure that if I need to ask you further questions about mortgage or financing you would answer them with the same professionalism that you did before. In another words, I trust you and I feel comfortable to ask you further questions if I need to.”

Fernando & Luciana

December 2014

As first time home buyers with little knowledge or information about the home buying process it was wonderful to have someone like you who really held our hand through everything. There was no question too silly or small to ask you and you were always so quick in responding. We really appreciated how you would check in with us to make sure we were on track and understood any “homework” or paperwork we had to deal with. We have dealt with numerous people throughout this process (realtors, lawyer, banks, inspectors, contractors, etc) and our only complain is that you can’t magically do all those jobs. No one provided us with such incredible service. We really felt like you were concerned about our well being and wanted to help us make a good financial decisions. You also made sure we were well educated about what we were signing. Your passion and dedication for what you do is truly apparent in how you deal with your clients. There is no doubt in my mind that if we were making any kind of home purchase we would use you again. We will also be recommending anyone we know who needs a mortgage planner to use you (it might take a while…most of our friends are a little slow..haha). Thank you so much for making the mortgage part of our home buying experience easy and pleasurable. Thank you for all your time, effort and patience in walking us through this process. We really appreciate all that you have done for us.

Kindly, Nikki & Vitali

October 5th, 2011

“Thank you for your lovely handwritten card and gift certificate. It was a lovely surprise.

 It was a pleasure working with you and I was very impressed with your professionalism. I would be delighted to recommend you to any of my friends that have such a need in the future.”

September 28th, 2011

“Hi Chung,  thank you very much for the gift card! As for feedback I really appreciated your availability considering mine and Sarah’s work schedules. It was great being able to call you almost anytime when we were confused about the process. Your mobility on being able to meet us in Surrey and Langley was extremely helpful. Your explanations to our questions were well though out and made things clear.”

July 14th, 2011

Ming and James
“Thank you for everything, your tips as well as coming out here.

I just heard the voicemail on my home phone re:not closing the mortgage on a long fixed term…It is always an enriching experience with you, we appreciate the great advice & foresights.

We wish you the very best in your business venture and much success!!!

I’ll definitely be recommending you should I know anyone looking for a mortgage planner!!

Much appreciated”

June 27, 2011

Henry and Jai
“Hi Chung,

You are definitely one dedicated mortgage broker!! Thank you so much for all your help; you have definitely made this whole thing possible for us. You don’t have to drop it by, you can just mail it when the postal strike ends!! But thank you for even thinking about driving all the way here 🙂

Keep in touch okay and I hope you know we will definitely go to you again later on when we decide to move, and will definitely recommend you to our friends and family. I honestly don’t think anyone had catered to us as much as you have!! You really are great!!!!”